Star Citizen & Squadron 42: Chris Roberts meldet sich zurück!



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  • Wobei das Squadron 42-Mission-Pack gibt´s nur gratis wenn man jetzt einsteigt sowie ein paar andere Goodies. Hab mein "Colonel-Package" noch auf ""Rear Admiral" gepimpt und die 300i gegen eine 325a getauscht. Und natürlich das "Metal Bengal Carrier Steel-Mouspad" darf in keiner Sammlung fehlen.
  • 11.6 Millionen Dollar sind es nun. Hier etwas Stoff aus der 24h-Show

    Die Idris-Corvette (schon ausverkauft) -> ... e-Revealed
    As we’ve previously indicated, we’re hosting a big party at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany this August! Now we’re pleased to announce that the event will take place at Alter Wartesaal on Saturday, August 24th. Concierge members and subscribers will be invited one hour earlier… so subscribe if you’re interested in a little extra time with the Star Citizen team!
    -> ... re-Invited

    Vorbei! Der Directors Cut des i300-Spots (mal sehen wer die Concordia erkennt)

    Zur Info: Das ist Ingame-Grafik, kein vorgerenderter Kram!
  • Bei 14,25 Mio Dollar hätt ich mich bereits abgesetzt - n paar nette Screens vorher gepostet und ab.....
  • 15 Millionen Dollar sind erreicht!
    It’s unbelievable: Star Citizen fans have helped us reach the $15 million mark without any special promotion! Ten years ago, big publishers decided space games weren’t profitable… and you are proving them very, very wrong!

    The $15 million unlock adds another flyable ship class to the game, the oft-discussed escort carrier. Every backer will also get a free digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook manual with their game which goes through the process of customizing and overclocking ship systems! We’re excited about putting this one together, since it goes right to the heart of what’s going to make Star Citizen unique.

    The previously-announced $16 million stretch goals are:
    Arena mode: Arena mode is a simulation within the game, although it is not the simulator itself. Players will have access to an actual training simulator in their hangars, which will be used for the dogfight alpha. The Arena is something bigger. It is a galaxy-wide event, where players come to specific locations, pay their entry fees, and jump into space battles to prove who is the best dogfighter of all. Think of it as a combination of a sports tournament and modern-day gaming contests. Each winner will receive credits for the victory, and the best of the best will meet in higher and higher rounds until a grand champion is crowned.
    A laser pistol for every pledger before this point. Keep your ship safe from boarders with a pistol by your side.

    With today’s achievement, we’re happy to unlock the $17 million rewards:

    $17 million
    Ship upgrade package for every pledger containing an engine modifier.
    Additional flyable ship class: battlecruiser

    Thank you all for your continued support. Tell your friends, Star Citizen is coming!
    Quelle: ... 15-Million

  • Im Rahmen der Gamescom wurde erstmals das "Hangar-Module" vorgeführt, welches am 29.8. für die Backer veröffentlich wird.

    Aufzeichnung des Live-Streams:

    Derweil wurde die 16 Millionen Dollar Marke geknackt -> ... 16-Million
  • Da es für die Spätzünder keine Möglichkeit mehr gibt die LTI-Pakete zu erwerben (LTI= Lifetime Insurance) habe ich mich mal mit drei Paketen bevorratet die ich gegen einen Obulus von 90,- € abgeben würde:




    Bis 26. November kann ich die Pakete auch noch nachordern, dann ist auch bei uns Early-Backern Schicht im Schacht. Die Spezifikationen der Schiffe findet Ihr hier ->
  • Ich verstehe den Hype noch nicht.
  • Wenn man jedes Chris Roberts-Spiel seit Wing Commander 1 begeistert gespielt hat (WC1-5, Privateer 1+2, Strike Commander, Starlancer, Freelancer) stellt der Hype sich praktisch automatisch ein. Alle anderen müssen wohl Resistent gegen jedes virale Marketing sein angesichts der beispiellosen Kampagne. Das macht aber nichts, ich habe in der Firma schon dreimal mehr Gleichgesinnte gefunden als hier und dann gibt´s noch 244.000 weitere Wahnsinnige. Wir werden das schon schaukeln. ;-)

    Jetzt mit allen derzeit modellierten Schiffen und gefixter Innenbeleuchtung:

  • Dass der meiste Hype bisher nur auf Erfahrungen aus den alten Spielen beruht war mir schon klar. Das ist nicht unbedingt was negatives . Es gibt da nur das Problem, dass das was früher absolut genial war heute eher mager aussehen würde. Man kann nur hoffen was daraus wird.
    Ich hab nur Starlancer und Freelancer selber mal gespielt. Deshalb bin ich da eher resistent gegen den Hype. Ich weiß nur noch, dass Starlancer glaub ich Singleplayer war und Freelancer war was mit gemeinsam im Multiplayer durch Warptore fliegen und Aliens abknallen. Und bei manchen Bildern die mir im Kopf noch so einfallen kann ich nicht mehr zwischen Freelancer und X: Beyond the Frontier unterscheiden...

    Als ich gestern diese News gelesen hab und mir dann diesen Trailer angesehen hab, bin ich sofort auch einem Hype verfallen. Bin auch am überlegen so ein "FIRST WAVE VIP PACKAGE" mit garantiertem Zugang zur Beta zu kaufen. $99,99 :(
  • Ist stimmig, aber alles nur gerendert, oder? Das erste was Chris Roberts zu Star Citizen präsentiert war Ingame-Grafik und Orchestral-Soundtrack und ich kenne Homeworld nicht, dafür aber ein Dutzend Chris Roberts Werke aus 20 Jahren.
  • Homeworld ist eins der großartigen Spiele, das hohe Wertungen hatte und Preise erhielt aber viel zu wenig wahrgenommen wurde.
    Ich hab alle 3 Teile mehrmals durchgespielt. Homeworld 2 mit dem Homeworld 2 Complex Mod erst vor ein paar Jahren das letzte mal glaube ich.

    Der Trailer ist in dem Stil gemacht in dem auch die Story in Homeworld erzählt wurde. Und so solls auch sein. Es fehlt nur noch der Weltraum.
  • 19 Millionen Dollar!

    Greetings Citizens,

    It’s hard to believe we’re here again already in just over a week! Star Citizen Backers have brought us to an astounding $19 million! Stretch goals we thought would take months to reach are being unlocked every week. Thanks to you, the dream of a true AAA PC game without the restrictions of a publisher has become a reality.

    At $19 million, you have unlocked the following goals:

    • Know your foe with a Jane’s Fighting Ships style manual free in PDF form to all pledgers.
    • Manage Space Stations – Players will compete to own and operate a limited number of space stations across the galaxy.
    • RSI Museum will air monthly, with a new game featured each time!

    The manual will be available with the launch of the game. RSI Museum will start next month with an in-depth look at Freelancer!

    We are also excited to reveal the $21 million stretch goal, a major gameplay feature we have been hoping to include with Star Citizen and the culmination of several recent stretch goal unlocks!

    • Salvage Mechanic: Salvage isn’t an aside: it’s a career, with its own mechanic, story tie-ins and universe-shaping endgames. Search the galaxy for a host of valuable and interesting secrets using both the flight and FPS components. Discover the secrets of the ancient Hadesians, locate valuable components and cargo… or go down in history the first to make contact an entirely new alien race!

    In honor of this goal, we are pleased to present the first concept art of our female explorer. For our first female character we didn’t want a cheap pinup; we wanted a badass space explorer who can hold her own on the fringes of civilization!

    What’s next? At this pace, it even seems possible that we will achieve these goals just in time for the first anniversary of Star Citizen’s unveiling, on October 10th. (Either way, we have some surprises in the works for the community to celebrate that day!)

    Some Citizens have asked if $21 million will mark the end of the funding campaign and the stretch goal unlocks. The answer is no: For a couple of key reasons –

    The first is that goal of achieving $20M in development funding will actually be reached approximately at $23 million in funds raised. This is because we display the gross amount of funds received, but out of this we had to pay Kickstarter (approx. 10% of funds raised), Paypal/Credit card providers (approx. 4-5%), we have to reserve the fulfilment costs of the physical goods you have pledged for (over $1M right now) and finally the costs of building and maintaining the RSI site (which is a significant but very worthwhile investment, more so as some of the planned features like “organizations” rolls out).

    There are also additional running costs beyond the development to be contemplated – customer support for the growing community, the cost of delivering terabytes of data and longer term hosting servers for the dogfighting and then later the persistent universe itself.

    Finally there is one very important element – the more funds we can raise in the pre-launch phase, the more we can invest in additional content (more ships, characters etc.) and perhaps more importantly we can apply greater number of resources to the various tasks to ensure we deliver the full functionality sooner rather than later.

    Star Citizen Packages will remain available as we continue to spread the word and build this community. A bigger community means a healthier universe population when the persistent universe goes live.

    In the spirit of asking YOU what you want, we would like your input on our pledge counter and future stretch goals (see poll below).

    As always, your feedback will shape the future of the campaign.

    The team and I would like to thank all of you in being the best community in gaming and allowing us to follow both your and our dream in building the Best Damn Space Sim Ever!

    -Chris Roberts

  • bearbeitet September 2013

    Obiges Video zeigte gestern Chris Robers im Rahmen der Vorstellung AMDs neuer Volcanic Islands GPUs auf Hawaii. 20 Mllionen Dollar dürfte er heute oder morgen haben.

    Vor allem aber interessant: Star Citizen wird Teil des AMD Evolved-Programms und wird Crossfire, Eyefinity, DX11.1, TrueAudio und TressFX unterstützen und natürlich für die GCN-Architektur optimiert.
  • bearbeitet September 2013
    Aktuell 20.3 Millionen Dollar! Folge 40 von Wingman´s Hangar

    Star Citizen wird ein "AMD Evolved" Titel und wird AMD TrueSound (nur auf der neuen Serie, z.B. R9 290X), AMD Crossfire, AMD Eyefinity und Direct X 11.1 (nur AMD 7000-Serie und später, nVidia kann es derzeit mit keiner Karte) unterstützen.

    Das Hangar-Modul wurde aktualisiert.

    Und wer sich fragt, was ist eigentlich wenn ich mehrere Packages habe? Sind das alles einzelne Charaktere? Kann ich die Inhalte auch auf einen einziges Package übertragen? Kann ich die leeren Slots dann als NPCs nutzen um meine Multi-Crew-Schiffe zu bemannen? Kannsich die Slots verschenken an jemanden der nur ein Schiff aber kein Package hat? Kurze Antwort: Ja!

    Die lange Version:

    Greetings Citizens,

    There has been a lot of discussion on the RSI forums about how Star Citizen will handle multiple pledge packages on a single account. Today, we’d like to put that speculation to rest! To start, understand that every Star Citizen pledge package currently includes three essential parts:

    1. Your Ship. Needed to travel the galaxy and play the game. Whether you’re exploring the stars yourself in a single-seat Aurora or captain of a Constellation crew raiding the space lanes, your character is going to need a spaceship to make a name for themselves in Star Citizen.
    2. Some Credits. Every package has an allotment of starter UEC credits. They will be needed to do things like begin outfitting your ship, pay initial landing fees, buy fuel and munitions, purchase your first load of cargo. We don’t break these out onto your UEC ledger just yet as we may adjust the starting amounts for each package when we balance the persistent universe costs.
    3. Game Character. This is “you.” Whether you choose to play a law-abiding merchant, a fearsome pirate or an intrepid explorer, you need a customized character who will inhabit your hangar and fly your ship.

    What this means is that if you currently have four Star Citizen packages you will be able to play four different characters using one RSI account, each with their own ship and starting credit balance. You will also have the option of breaking up your pledge packages and reallocating these three elements as you deem fit. In addition, you will get to choose which characters receive your addon ships, Voyager Direct items and stretch goal rewards you have accumulated. In this example, someone with four packages could assign all of the ships and credits to one character and leave the three Game Characters for later use. Unused Game Character slots without an associated ship or credits have two roles. They can be used to create additional crewmen or they can be gifted to other players.

    If you have purchased multiple packages with identical physical extras, such as ship models or star maps, you will receive multiple extras when the game ships. If your packages have digital extras, like the downloadable soundtrack, you will be given the option of gifting the duplicates to friends.

    Creating Crewmen

    Many of Star Citizen’s ships, such as the Freelancer or Constellation, feature positions for multiple crewmen. Players will always be able to hire NPC crewmen in the game, contracting computer-controlled crews to help man turrets, run consoles and fly escort. If you would like the option of customizing your crew, you can create your own NPCs by using a Game Character slot. You will go through the same character creation process as your player character but will then have the option of handing off control to an AI. As an additional bonus, friends can ‘drop in’ to take over these crewmen themselves and to help man your spacecraft when available.

    Remember it is not necessary to use a Game Character for your NPC crew. You will be able to hire normal NPC crew with credits you’ve earned in-game. The difference between a Game Character slot converted into a NPC crew member and a regular NPC crew member is that you can customize the Game Character NPC’s look, name and backstory. There is an additional bonus of being able to specify one of your Game Character NPC crewmembers as your successor in the event of your main characters death (See Death of a Spaceman), at which point the Game Character NPC will become playable again, with the assets of your deceased old character conveying.

    Gifting Game Characters

    You will also have the option of gifting unused Game Characters to other players. Remember, in order to chart your own path in the Star Citizen universe, these characters will need a ship and some credits! Credits that you earn in the game can be transferred to your friends (minus UEE taxes!) or they will be able to purchase an allotment through the Voyager Direct store. We are also considering a system through which players with a Game Character slot but no ship can “work” for other characters (either real players or NPCs.)

    Players who would like additional Game Character slots, either to create a second player character or to build a customized crew, but don’t have multiple packages will be have the option of a stand-alone Character Slot purchase from the pledge store without having to buy a full game package. This will also allow the small number of backers who only have an addon ship but not a game package to purchase a Game Character slot and a few credits and be able to head out into the big wide galaxy!

    We hope this clarifies some of the confusion about Star Citizen packages.

  • 21 Millionen Dollar sind passiert, damit ist das gesamte Budget für das Projekt binnen eines Jahres zusammen gekommen. Wollte man doch erst nur zwei Millionen und den Rest über Investoren abdecken hat sich letzteres nun erledigt. Nach einer Umfrage in der Community läuft der Spendencounter jedoch ungebrochen weiter. Neue Funktionen und ein besseres "Polishing" können somit erwartet werden.

    Greetings Citizens,

    I’m proud to announce that the Star Citizen community has brought us to $21 million in crowd funding just shy of our first anniversary! Your support is now allowing the project to expand on ideas in ways we didn’t originally think possible. Every additional pledge makes Star Citizen a better experience. At the $21 million, you unlock the full salvage mechanic, which allows us to produce the assets needed to make salvaging an in-depth game mechanic akin to exploration or piracy!

    • Salvage Mechanic: Salvage isn’t an aside: it’s a career, with its own mechanic, story tie-ins and universe-shaping endgames. Search the galaxy for a host of valuable and interesting secrets using both the flight and FPS components. Discover the secrets of the ancient Hadesians, locate valuable components and cargo… or go down in history the first to make contact an entirely new alien race!

    In addition, we are unlocking a new $23 million goal: the addition of a Xi’an Scout as a playable asset in the game. We’ve recently begun putting together concept art of Xi’an worlds, which got us thinking about the game’s Xi’an ships: how can we make them play differently than the standard human ships? We have a few ideas and with this stretch goal we can put them into the game! In addition to alien designs and interfaces, the Xi’an craft will feature a totally different maneuvering system.

    Xi’an ship design will be focused on a vertical aesthetic and maneuvering jets that can combine to thrust in multiple directions. Gimbaled, larger-than-normal thrusters sit on the four points of a star in the centerline, allowing each thruster unobstructed hemispherical coverage. The Xi’an scout can rotate on all axes and direct four thrusters to the rear or front! Because of this configuration the Xi’an ship has superb linear maneuvering abilities on all axes. This extra maneuverability comes at a cost however. Xi’an ships favor maneuverability over heavy armament or defensive protection.

    Instead of picking up an alien ship that simply looks different, it will feel different!

    Here’s the description:

    • Xi’an Scout Unlocked! The Khartu is the light attack craft of the Xi’An military. Contrary to Human ship design, the Khartu doesn’t have a traditional main thruster, instead featuring an array of maneuvering thrusters on articulated rigs. This design allows for incredible agility, making them the bane of UEE pilots, who bestowed the nickname ‘Quark’ because when all of the thrusters are firing, the ship looks like a spark flying through space. The Xi’an Aopoa corporation also manufactures an export model, the Khartu-al, for sale to human civilians as a dedicated scout/explorer. The export model features the same Xi’an maneuvering rig, but control surfaces modified for human use and a more limited armament. (Designer: Aopoa)

    Players can travel to a Xi’an commerce world to pick up the export version of the Khartu… or they can track down the military version in less-than-legal ways! Either way, we think that adding truly alien Xi’an ships at launch will create an even more immersive universe.

    As always, thank you all for your tremendous support. Please continue to spread the word about Star Citizen. You’re making this all possible! I hope you will join me on Thursday for our anniversary livestream, where you’ll see some of the latest and greatest work we’ve done to date and get a sneak preview of what’s coming soon.

    - Chris Roberts

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