Ashes of the Singularity

Hab mit Beginn der Beta jetzt mal zugeschlagen und das ist tatsächlich nicht nur ein DX12-Benchmark, sondern wird ein richtig rundes Spiel. Ich denke es kann sogar ein richtig gutes im Stil von Total Annihilation und Supreme Commander werden.

Werde später mal ein kleines Gameplay-Video inkl. der Benchmarkszene posten.


  • bearbeitet Januar 2016
    Und bitte nicht die GoG-Version kaufen, die ist im Multiplayer nicht Cross-Plattformfähig mit Steam-Usern.

    Außerdem ist zum Mulitplayer der komplett optionale GoG-Client dann plötzlich Pflicht. Das ist allerdings komplett bräsig. Wenn eine Client eine alternative zu Steam werden soll darf er nicht "optional" sein und noch weniger darf man es behaupten.

  • Changelog der Beta2 von gestern:
      • Multi-GPU support... including mixed AMD/Nvidia combinations
      • Multiplayer Season 0 begins
      • New Visual Effects
      • Stability Fixes
      • 3 New Maps
      • Improved AI
      • New music tracksLots of visual improvements, UI tweaks, balance, community requests, and bug fixes
    • Gameplay
      • Improved Substrate faction AI
      • AI now uses Orbital Abilities
      • Added starting point selection for Skirmish and Multiplayer
      • New & improved Benchmark
      • Added pause queue option for factories
      • Added delete unit/structure button
      • Factory queues can be started before the factory is fully constructed
      • Units stop faster when ordered directly from the UI
      • Additional multiplayer cheat protections
      • New Maps
        • Eridon
        • Pyn
        • Cygnus
      • Map Balance:
        • more radioactives on large maps
        • kralon - removed rads from VP regions
        • frozen wastes - fixed resource placement (radial symmetry)
      • Balance
        • Substrate Orbital structure build times adjusted
        • cut passive heal bonus for Herc level up in half
        • make the Savager attack lower tier units also with its main gun
        • adjust Hercules autogun turrets a tiny bit so that it can hit t1s that are directly in front of it
        • added energy cost to Prometheus vampire effect
        • Substantially increased building HP
        • Increased SkyCleaner accuracy from 20% to 60% (keeps its low damage per hit)
        • Decreased Apollo accuracy from 70% to 40% (maintains its high damage per hit)
        • Avatar shield recharge rate reduced from 5 per second to 2 per second
        • Reduced metal cost of Substrate Punisher
        • Doubled rate of fire of Archer rockets but reduced damage
        • Reduced accuracy of Hermes autocannon but added more shots per volley
        • Nemesis HP reduced from 600 to 500
        • Controller Plasma bolt damage reduced from 25 to 10
        • Hyperion main gun cool down reduced from 6 to 3.2.
        • Hyperion main gun damage increased from 25 to 40
        • Removed 2 of the 4 Heavy PLasma cannon from the punisher to bring its damage inline with the Hades
        • Falcon cost reduced
        • Annihilator now has 1000HP
        • Annihilator now has light armor
        • Drone MRV now has light armor
        • Blossom launcher has light armor
        • Annihilator cost reduced to 150 metal.
        • Mauler max energy reduced
        • Martyr shields increased from 80 to 160
        • Martyer shield regen incresaed from 0.5 to 1
        • Martyr HP increasd from 40 to 50
        • Reaper shield regn decreased from 1 to 0.5
        • Reaper cannon cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 3.2 seconds
        • kill Drone swarm Drones after 2 minutes to minimize a certain cheeze tactic
        • PHC orbitals always require some rads
        • reworked mouse input handling in ui w/ regard to scale
        • make short range units a little more aggressive at charging to the frontlots more
    • Art & Graphics
      • Improved glare visual effect
      • Improve Substrate unit and building materials
      • Increased size of Resource Extractors and Amplifiers to improve legibility
      • new PHC factory model
      • Turinium lines not so bright anymore
      • Team color now shows on resource deposits
      • VFX
        • Hades bombs and and rocket flames more visible from far distance
        • VFX on Turinium Generators when a player is nearing critical mass
        • Orbital Strike vfx polished
        • Boost vfx polished
        • Overcharge vfx polished
        • Kill beam vfx polished
        • Shield Recharge vfx polished
        • EMP vfx polished
        • Seed Destruction VFX added
        • Plasma Storm: Lightning added, reduced cloud clipping, general polish
        • Polished Teleport Effect (Incursion, Call Engineer, etc)
        • Dreadought destruction vfx polished more
        • have some weapon lens flares match the main eapon color a little better
        • Amplify, Boost, and Overcharge vfx now last as long as the gameplay effect
      • Unit & Structure polish
        • Substrate Nexus
        • PHC power relay
        • Radioactive Extractor maps
        • Drone Host
        • MRV defensive structure
        • Annihilator Cannon
        • Sensor Post
        • various Orbital Ability structures
        • Turinium GeneratorAnimated lights on Hercules
    • UI
      • Added Borderless Window option
      • Added feedback as to your current Quantum Upgrade level
      • Lobby Browser
        • added prompt to host a lobby if all lobbies are full/in progress
        • now shows games in progress (grayed out)
        • automatically refreshes every 10s
      • Lots of visual polish on icons and opacity
      • Improved Victory Screen
      • New “orbital cast” cursor
      • Improved Dreadnought level up ability icons
      • Dead/Surrendered/Disconnected players now marked in HUD
      • Drone modules now display in unit/building context area
      • Quanta icon in HUD is now more legible
      • Team color now represented by the 3 colors that are painted on it’s units
      • Made the Metal and Radioactive icons more readable on the MaxiMap
      • Tooltip improvements
        • Lots of typo fixes
        • Added tooltips for AI difficultieshave dps display factor in accuracy
    • Sound
      • 8 additional ambient music tracks added
      • 2 new Win/Loss music tracks
      • New main menu and multiplayer menu music
      • New and improved destruction sounds
      • Capture region order now plays a sound confirmation
      • New VO notifications for Quantum Upgrades, Dreadnoughts launching,and Dreadnought upgrades
      • Sound plays when Ranked match is found
      • Added Avatar weapon sound
      • 3D sound when a relay is captured
      • hooked up ReaperParticle Beam soundincreased radius of construction sound
    • Performance
      • reduce memory needed for notification sounds
      • reduced memory needed for minimap images
      • reduced UI memory usagereduced bandwidth usage
    • Stability
      • Fixes our re-entrancy crash for msg registration
      • Increasing some buffer sizes that are cutting it close in AshesUnitPanel
      • Fixed game re-entry crashes
      • Warn users if they are crashing as a result of a bad install
      • fixed crash on game startCrashes related to starting/stopping building construction
    • Bug fixes
      • “Fixing Dan’s Crap” - Nathan
      • Multiplayer
        • Fixed situation where MP game wouldn’t end when the host Nexus was destroyed
        • Fixed server disconnect issues on multiplayer match loading
        • Fixing hang on clients in matchmaking if the host player failed to create a lobby
        • Disabling auto saves in ranked matches
        • Player slot pulldown popup was being forced to be too short in lobby setup wnd
        • Winning Team was being reported incorrectly for some matches
        • Fixing lobby setup UI not being set up completely when returning to the lobby
        • Bandwidth optimization for deep unit construction queues
        • Resolved bandwidth spike caused by CreateMetaUnit messages
        • Don't allow entering a lobby with a different version of the game by invitation
      • Gameplay
        • Game speed now properly impacts Turinium points and Quanta
        • AI picks level up bonuses for Dreadnoughts
        • Fixed capture orders not coming through when an Amplifier was built at the region
        • You can't cast boost or overcharge on enemy relays anymore
        • fix for metaunit childrn sometimes not going to the correct location
        • Fixing minimap icon displayed for a seed that is destroyed and becomes a generator
        • fix for substrate seed not rotating and a few tweaks to its weapons now that that is working properly
        • Fixing UI formatting issues with lobby browser
        • fixed in game chat colors being wrong
        • Lobby chat now text wraps
      • Graphics
        • fix for flickery amplifiers
        • Fixing flickering previews for buildings
        • Fix for flickering part on Sky Factory in FOW
        • Fixed ship model gets stuck on partially constructed adv factory
      • Misc
        • Fix for missing selection rings on some units/buildings
        • Resource panel at top of HUD z-order change so the "tooltip" popup isn't covered up
        • Misaligned invite friends entries
        • Fixing save game screen not showing map previews for selected entries
        • unit and building tooltips no longer have extra ":" at the end
        • fixed boost orbital icon
        • reworked mouse input handling in ui w/ regard to scale
        • If you win against a single opponent that surrendered, will now say that they surrendered in the victory screen
        • Auto scrolling to selected map entry in skirmish and lobby setup screens
        • changed the Seed icon the be something other than the Substrate symbol

  • Und ein besonderer Wunsch: Lasst abstürzen so gut es irgend geht. :)

    BETA 2: WELCOME and PLEASE read!
    Greetings! Welcome to BETA 2. We're so glad to have you part of the beta program.
    We've already gotten some great data from you guys including some issues with 4K resolutions. I think we'll be able to fix this in the next day or so.
    Now, this may seem like a strange request but please do your best to find ways to crash the game. Every time the game crashes, we get data. Single player, multiplayer, you name it.
    ## Top Questions we are getting ##
    1. Will there be a single player campaign?
    A: Yes. Ascendancy Wars will have a non-linear story driven campaign. We also hope to have some other special goodies that I can't yet talk about in there as well.
    2. Is this a mostly MP game?
    A. No. While the game (Even in beta) has a lot of multiplayer features including ladders, match making, custom game modes, team play, etc. We anticipate most people playing the game single player. This is one of the reasons we've invested so much in to what we hope players will agree is the best RTS AI ever made.

  • bearbeitet März 2016

    Die ersten Partien sind gespielt. Noch keine Abstürze beim Host zu verzeichnen, allerdings disconnects bei Clients. Dank drei rollierender Autosaves im Minutenabstand lädt der Host neu und alle verbinden, dann geht es nach maximal zwei Minuten weiter.

    Wie Publisher Stardock (Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire, Offworld Trading Company) über den Mantle-Benchmark "StarSwarm" auf den Trichter kam mit "Ashes of the Singularity" ein großangelegtes RTS zu machen, erfahrt ihr in einem Interview von gestern auf Venturebeat.

    Es hat sogar eine Story!

    The game is set in 2178. The humans have developed a singularity technology to expand their own capability. Over time that technology has advanced on its own and become an enemy. Now, you’re in the year 2178 and the Post-Human Coalition is in a battle against the Substrate, the artificial intelligence. You’re in this massive battle. You’re still in space across the galaxy.

  • Ashes of the Singularity v0.91 Changelog
    The v0.91 update for Ashes of the Singularity is now available. Check out the latest updates:
    • Stability fixes
    • Performance improvements
    • Balance improvements
    • New Map: Fringe

    • New Map
      • Fringe
    • Adding Fringe, Cygnus, and Pyn to the matchmaking 1v1 playlist
    • Removing Polis and Frosthaven from ranked map playlist
    • Host migration now functions in matches with AI opponents
    • AI improvements (new tactics & build options)
    • initial hookup for engineers healing - no AI attached to this so you will have to steer the units close to their targets yourself at this point
    • Balance
      • Pan less likely to put itself in danger when in an Army
      • Falcon AA structure now has extended range and can fire on radar targets
      • Destructor positions itself farther back in Armies if possible
      • have kill only work on T3s so as to not accidentally waste quanta on things that really aren't worth it
      • Medic now more aggressive in healing
      • movement improvements
        • reduce bank on brutes

    Art & Graphics
    • New Orbital Ability VFX
      • Detonate
    • Unit & Structure polish
      • Tweak to PHC Direct material to make Drones a bit brighter
      • Much better LOD shader for Drones
    • Adjusted some VFX to be better visible from max zoom (especially rockets and Substrate projectiles)
    • Nemisis cannon VFX now bigger to reflect its high lethality

    • Updated menu background video
    • Added game intro fade in
    • Weapon tooltips now have more accurate tags for weapon attributes; Area Damage, Armor Piercing, Targets Radar Contacts, Long Recharge
    • change dps tooltip to multiply dps from a weapon by the number of copies of that weapon
    • After action report now uses more legible graph lines
    • Updated and improved loading screen tooltips
    • Lobby browser properly displaying current in-progress games (we had to disable this in last build since it couldn’t handle the number of matches we had going at once)
    • Host indicator in lobby screen
    • Adjusted Green player's interface color to better match player icons
    • Unit/Building destroy button now more obvious
    • Improved player defeated icon
    • final hookup of Substrate T3 level up icons
    • UI polish on resource icons, text color, tech upgrade icons, etc.
    • updated MGPU option tooltip to warn off users likely to crash themselves
    • updated Borderless Window tooltip to explain that it runs in the desktop's current resolution
    • adjusted the look of the T3 Icons

    • Substrate faction now has a unique notification voice
    • New Substrate battle music track
    • New sounds for Orbital Abilities
      • Overcharge
      • Regenerate
      • Sensor Drone
      • Boost
      • Detonate
      • Drown Swarm
      • Avatar
      • Kill
      • EMP
      • Orbital Strike
      • Area Heal
      • Carving Turret
    • Lots of polish on Substrate weapon sounds
    • Adding sounds for T3 upgrade weapons; Draining Beams, EMP Swat, Executor Havoc, Shield Regen
    • adding Sonic Demolisher weapon sound

    • Drastic reduction in VRAM usage

    • Fixing crashes when accepting invites while loading into another game, because of UI being shutdown before it was initialized
    • handle an invalid handle in RectifyFormation
    • XAudio crash on null fix
    • fixed RectifyFormation crash
    • Fixing behavior where you would get stuck out of matchmaking and any mp lobby if you accepted an invite while in the matchmaking queue
    • Fixing crash if lost server connection while loading an MP game, but before the game view UI was ready
    • Increase cmd buffer size to from 4k to 16k to help alleviate possible overflow
    • fix for infinite loop hang
    • various crash fixes related to combined buildings and units in the ui select list

    Bug fixes
    • Multiplayer
      • Tweak to get more unit position updates through in MP
      • Added host migration timeout
      • If the user tries to enter matchmaking and the reason they can't is because the Tachyon match finder is still shutting down, it will now display the "MainMenu_DisabledMatchCancelling_TT" text asking the user to wait a few seconds while the queue reinitializes and try again.
      • fixed player Isn't Shown Rank After Match Unless they Back Out and Re-Enter
    • Gameplay
      • have substrate drones get close enough to use their weapons
      • make avatar steering and weapon work together
      • make flak weapons only effect air and drones (since they have a large aoe and a lot of damage they were ripping up substrate ground units by shooting at nearby drones (and substrate pretty much always have drones around on the AI teams))
      • bug fix with steering
      • ai tweak to healers and energy regeners
      • when an Army head is chopped off it tells its remaining members what to do before dying
    • Graphics
      • Hypothetical D3D11 Mip workaround
      • Area outside edge of map properly displaying as black
      • Properly allow resolution to be set in fullscreen mode
      • Default to 1080p if a monitor supports it
      • Updating mesh order so Radioactive Deposit can show team color
      • Fixed the scale on the ground skirt so it matches up
      • Fixed ground skirt on the Sensor Node
      • add the substrate factories to the connection grid list of sinks
      • Potential fix for white checkerboard issue that some users have seen
      • Fixed glare artifacts on T3 death
    • Misc
      • fixed stats screens appearing broken momentarily while loading
      • proper Turinium icon now used in minimap
      • Fixed substrate Amplifier pointing to the wrong construction icon
      • Drone MRV now uses correct icons
      • Joining lobby text was misaligned
      • Fix color swatch in MatchInfoLoadScreen
      • Fix player faction in rank list
      • prevent AI from building units endlessly if there is only one team left and you decided to take the game into overtime
      • Sound - adding slight verb to unit and building destructions so they dont cut off so abruptly
      • Removing text shadow from end game summary screen status bar text
      • fixed enemy buildings showing modules of last selected friendly unit or building
      • Game no longer sits in the middle of the map for a moment before starting
      • Benchmark stats now report additional GPUs
      • fixed Not displaying proper rank post 1 (Legendary)
      • Bind Cursor option now defaults to “Bind Always” so edge scroll works well in Borderless Windowed mode
      • fixed the tiling so there is no gap in the T-3 Leveling Bars
  • bearbeitet März 2016

    Das Pikante an dem Artikel von PCper ist, dass in Ashes auch mit deaktiviertem Vsync Frames gedroppt werden, was die anhand einer FCAT-Messung festgestellt haben - Ashes selbst kriegt das nicht mit, dass ist DX12.
    Falls da was dran wäre, dann würde das bedeuten, dass wenn ihr mit einem 60-Hz-Monitor 110 Fps bekommt, ein Framecounter euch 110 Fps anzeigen würde, DX12 aber nur 60 Fps davon auf eurem Bildschirm anzeigen würde und den Rest einfach auf den Müll werfen würde... Die 50 zusätzlich berechneten Frames werden also für die Katz berechnet, eure Grafikkarte und eure CPU schuften dafür umsonst, zudem könnte es Probleme mit Frametimes (siehe PCPcer), Bildfehler, Inputlag, etc. geben und es könnte uns die Messungen versauen, weil wir eventuell fehlerhafte Daten auslesen könnten. Das ist absoluter Murx! Falls das also tatsächlich so wie bei PCPer aussieht und Microsoft das nicht behebt, ist Direct X 12 praktisch im Kern kaputt! Das ist nicht irgendein kleines, dummes Problemchen, das ist totaler Bullshit und mindestens eine kleine Katastrophe!

    Microsoft baut letzthin wirklich nur noch Scheiße...

  • The v0.92 update for Ashes of the Singularity is now available. Check out the latest updates:

    • Map Editor Access
    • Stability fixes
    • Substrate Balance improvements
    • New Map: Bis

    • New Map
      • Bis - 4 player map, also available in ranked 1v1 matchmaking
    • Map Editor Access: add -modding as a command line option before running the game to display the Map Editor button in the bottom left of the main menu.
    • Attack-move behavior change (units should stop and fight if enemy within a certain radius)
    • AI Improvements
      • Added new “surprise attack” PHC AI personality type
      • Adjusted PHC AI early expansion tactics
      • Adjusted AI structure targeting priorities
      • tweak Substrate AI early build order options
    • Balance
      • storage techs now start at 25 Quanta each
      • have hp tech upgrade also increase shields to maintain some parity between substrate and phc
      • Adjust healer steering
      • have artemis steering match its weapon better
      • Seton - fixed bad rads in SE corner
      • fringe - made initial expansions symmetrical
      • Drone Bay metal cost reduced from 720 metal to 360 metal
      • Drone Bay radioactive cost reduced from 120 to 90
      • Drone By time to build reduced from 120 to 90
      • Repair Bay metal cost reduced from 600 to 140
      • Repair Bay time reduced from 90 seconds to 70 seconds
      • changed Orion Cascade to target radar contacts
      • more aggressive healers/energizers
      • Prometheus Quad pulse cannon no longer goes through armor.
      • Archer HP reduced from 120 to 90
      • Archer metal cost increased from 60 to 64
      • Archer logistics cost reduced from 2 to 1
      • Martyr
        • HP increased from 50 to 100
        • Shields decreased from 160 to 100
        • squad increased from 3 to 4
        • Now move closer for the attack
        • weapon damage increased from 2 to 4
      • Reaper
        • Reaper squad sized decreased from 3 to 2 (fewer Capacitor targets)
        • HP decreased from 30 to 20
        • Shields increased from 120 to 180
        • Energy increased from 50 to 60
        • weapon cooldown reduced from 3.2 to 2.8
        • Squad size increased from 2 to 3
        • metal cost reduced from 130 to 90
      • Dominator shields decreased from 700 to 600
      • Punisher shields decreased from 800 to 700
      • Creep shields decreased from 60 to 40
      • Capacitor metal cost reduced from 110 to 52
      • Capacitor radioactive cost increased from 20 to 26
      • PHC Nullifier brought into line with the Substrate version
      • Savager crazy weapon improved
      • make savagers upgraded weapon better than its normal weapon
      • Substrate units now regain energy in enemy territory (at a reduced rate) instead of not at all
      • Regenerator regenerates slower
      • have seed weapons have small AOE and be able to target drones as a lowest priority target (this may be enough to mitigate drone swarm cheese attacks)
      • Energy Regulator HP reduced from 4000 to 1000
      • Quantum Archive time reduced from 240 seconds to 180 seconds
      • Gateway time reduced from 240 seconds to 50 seconds
      • Drone relay time reduced from 240 seconds to 177 seconds
      • PHC scout build time increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
      • Savager hover height reduced from 27/50 to 6/11 (hugs ground) so that its main cannon is able to hit other units, buildings more reliably.
      • Artemis speed reduced from 90 to 85
      • Centaur speed reduced from 85 to 82
      • Sky cleanser squad size increased from 1 to 3
      • Artemis logistics increased from 3 to 6
      • Hades logistics increased from 10 to 12
      • Dominator logistics increased from 3 to 4
      • Punisher logistics increased from 3 to 10
      • Drone Hive logistics increased from 3 to 4
      • Destructor logistics increased from 3 to 4
      • Savager anti-air polaron beam damage increased from 50 to 200
      • Amplify quanta cost reduced from 75 to 50
      • Orbital strike quanta cost reduced from 500 to 400
      • Detonate quanta cost set to 400
      • Drone Swarm cost increased from 100 to 125
      • T3 logistics increased from 30 to 50
      • T3 units HP increased
      • T3 shields buffered

    Art & Graphics
    • hook up looping Amplify effect so it keeps playing (since the gameplay effect is permanent)
    • hook up looping Boost effect so it keeps playing (since the gameplay effect is permanent)

    • Improved UI for selected Armies
      • icons and unit count for each unit type in army displayed w/ tooltips
      • a count for all in-construction reinforcements
    • Enabling Custom Lobby list of in-progress multiplayer games... for really real this time
    • UI can scale up to 200% for resolutions that support it
    • Color tweaks to the Main Menu
    • Recolored building and unit icons to make more sense:
      • Red = Combat
      • Blue = Heal/Support
      • Green = Metal/Radioactive Resources
      • Yellow = Construction, Quanta, and Misc
    • New loading screen
    • Clarified tooltip for “Instant Heal” Dreadnought level up option
    • unit construction tooltips to also say how much metal/rads per second, in addition to total
    • Selection ring color for Allies is now blue
    • Move Steam notification to top-left where it is less obtrusive
    • New Turinium icons

    • Victory and Loss screens have a more impactful initial sound
    • updated Punisher Plasma sound
    • updating Carving Turret Weapon sound
    • updated DeathBlossom sound
    • default volume adjusted on Speech Notifications
    • updated Retributor Plasma Cannon sound
    • lowered volume of CentaurMissiles
    • increase Priority of Orbital Strike 3D sound
    • volume balance music track

    • Vsync now defaults to off - in DX12 it can lead to some camera jitter on certain GPUs
    • don't shade the skybox if we aren't drawing it at least
    • Ini will save video card device id, if it changes, ini will reset

    Stability Fixes
    • Crash that could happen when an orbital was used
    • Fixed crash that could happen when shift-selecting units as they died
    • Disable GameView prntscreen, since it crashes DX12
    • GAME HANG - Return to Lobby When Host Victory Screen Visible
    • Crash - Press ESC during Benchmark Load Screen
    • fixed crash when engineers died while player was dragging a building
    • crash bug fix (unitmotion)

    Bug fixes
    • Multiplayer
      • fixed occasional explosions on construction complete
      • Save now enabled for new host after host migration
      • Keeping active matches from being queried from Tachyon unnecessarily when entering a matchmade game
      • Ignore unreliable updates for buildings and units that are in the process of dying
    • Gameplay
      • fix mauler targeting priority
      • Drengi map updated for better path finding
      • fix bug where AI player would not use orbitals or upgrades even though they had enough quanta
    • Graphics
      • Fixed issue where alt-tabbing out of the game could break mouse input (most prevalent for 4k users)
      • Fixed a few other 4k & alt-tab issues
      • Partial fix for mipping and material mask problems on Falcon
      • fixed Team color and Material Masks shifting on PHC Capital Ship Factory
      • Fixing team color and material masks for "Data Store" / Radioactives Storage
      • Remade LOD02 to include the larger cannon of the Brute (corrected LOD issues)
      • Fixed alignment of PHC Sensor and ground decal
      • Fixed rotation of Substrate Assembly ground decal
      • fixed some LOD poping inthe Apollo (some is still there but must be shading resolution on the LOD model)
      • remove Hades engine flames when under consruction or dying
      • Re-rendered Artemis LOD textures, minor improvements (shading at the LOD2 level is causing the main popping)
      • fixed normal direction on the Nano Refinery (reset transforms on the FBX)
      • Changning how we track GPU percent boundness
      • Re-encoded main menu backgrounds loop as VP8, variable bit-rate (4000) to improve playback quality
      • re-organize statefrontend a little to see if we can get a smoother playback for movies.
      • Fixed glare artifacting on some of the bigger effects
      • fixed clipping issue with the Player Icons
    • Misc
      • Audio layers will auto pause based on initial settings. This should address game audio playing during "pauses" caused by menu's etc.
      • MGPU tooltip crossfire typo
      • Also fixed bug where building weapon modules list was not always unhidden in the context panel when a building was selected after certain other selected objects

    Stats/Metaverse Pages
    • Summary - Show time on “Fastest Win” card rather than score.
    • Summary - Remove duplicate cards
    • Summary - Cards should say Structures / Dreadnaughts Destroyed
    • General - List items that are links aren't always obvious - need underline on hover
    • Benchmark - CPU string overflows space
    • Ladders - Sometimes ladders on "Myself" do not scroll up. Scrolling down then up works around the issue.
    • Benchmark - Include preset level in detailed benchmark result view
    • General - Clicking on another player's profile box should take me to their summary
    • Match HIstory - When viewing detailed match history make “Length” say “Game Length” and move to left
    • Ladders - Don't show arrow on highlight (no subview available)
    • Match History - Don't show arrow on highlight in Bechmark (no subview)
    • Summary - Disable and dim left / right arrow when at first / last card
    • Summary - Handle name spacing issues on cards
    • General - Make profile / rank window in top right floating in header. Now it looks to be attached to metaverse pages.
  • Wer sich mit Feedback und Vorschlägen noch beteiligen will, kann und sollte dies ruhig tun, die Entwickler sind wirklich auf Draht und schnell im Antworten. Das geht einfach im entsprechenden "Steam-Forum".

    Auf meine Fragen hin wurde bestätigt das man plant Konstruktoren auch wie in Supreme Commander aneinander hängen zu können, also eine bekommt die Bauaufträge und dann hängt man noch fünf dran mittels Rechtsklick die dann mithelfen. Das wird dann einfach auf dem "Army-System" basieren, also einer Armee von Konstruktoren mittels Rechtsklick.

    Eine Friedenszeit (wie etwa 20 Minuten in Supreme Commander) wo keine Angriffe stattfinden können im Multiplayer ist nicht geplant.
  • Weitere Fragen die ich gestellt und beantwortet bekommen habe:


    3. Mehr als sechs Spieler geplant?
    4. Orbital-Waffen optional abschaltbar machen in Custom-Games?
    5. Spectator-Mode?


    3) Post release we're looking into it.
    4) Not sure, it's not something we've discussed yet. 
    5) An observer mode is also on our list for post-release. :)

    Wie gesagt, Ihr könnt Euch gern mit dran hängen.

  • Naja, Orbitalwaffen sind ja nicht einfach nur offensive Waffen. Da gibt's schon z.B. ein Gebäude, das du bauen musst, um andere Gebäute (Repairbay oder so) erst bauen zu können meine ich. Boost/Amplify kommt auch von einem Orbitalgebäude.
  • ja, diskutiert ja keiner was das ist, ich habe nur gefragt ob man das abstellen kann. Bis auf die Jammer habe ich davon noch nie was benutzt.
  • Ashes of the Singularity v0.94 Changelog
    The v0.94 update for Ashes of the Singularity is now available. Check out the latest updates:
    • Gameplay Balance Changes
    • Engineer group orders
    • Stability & Bug fixes

    • Engineers can be grouped together to build buildings in a queue using the Army system
    • Balance Changes
      • PHC Scout build time reduced from 15 to 14
      • PHC Scout cost increased from 50 to 72
      • Substrate Martyr cost reduced from 100 to 90
      • Substrate Martyr time to build reduced from 28 to 23 seconds
      • Substrate Reaper max energy increased from 60 to 75
      • Substrate Reaper build time reduced from 24 to 20 seconds
      • Substrate Capacitor max energy increased from 300 to 500
      • Substrate Sky Cleaner build time increased from 18 to 28 seconds
      • Substrate Sky Cleanser logistics increased from 2 to 3
      • Substrate searcher radioactive cost reduced from 12 to 10
      • Falcon AA reload time reduced from 2 seconds to 1.8 seconds
      • Apollo flak cannon damage increased from 15 to 20
      • Apollo flak cannon reload time increased from 2.5 to 3.2 seconds
      • Fury cannon reload time decreased from 1 to 0.8 seconds
      • Fury cannon shots per volley increased from 9 to 16
      • Fury cannon shot damage increased from 10 to 20
      • Substrate Sky Cleanser weapon shots per volley reduced from 10 to 6
      • Substrate Sky Cleander damage reduced from 25 to 20
      • Drone Auto cannon shots per volley increased from 6 to 7
      • Drone auto cannon damage reduced from 3 to 2
      • Drone auto cannon cooldown reduced from 3.5 to 2.2
      • Substrate Drone bolt cooldown reduced from 3 to 2.8
      • Substrate Drone bolt shots per volley increased from 3 to 4
      • Substrate Drone bolt damage per hit reduced from 6 to 5
      • Mauler Hyena Cutting Array cooldown increased from 2.2 to 4.8s
      • Mauler Hyena Cutting Array duration decreased from 1.9s to 1.6s
      • Mauler Hyena Cutting Array damage per hit reduced from 200 to 120
      • Mauler Hyena Cutting Array energy required per volley reduced from 80 to 60
      • Archer acceleration reduced from 200 to 90, top speed changed from 105 to 100.
      • Brute top speed increased from 110 to 118.
      • Artemis mobility reduced slightly.
      • Apollo top speed decreased from 100 to 85.
      • Nemesis acceleration reduced from 70 to 60.
      • Zeus top speed reduced from 100 to 95.
      • Centaur top speed reduced from 85 to 80.
      • Prometheus top speed reduced from 90 to 85 to give slightly more time for ranged T1s / T2s to work on it (i.e. to kill it).
      • Martyr top speed increased from 110 to 180.
      • Reaper acceleration reduced from 200 to 100 and top speed reduced from 106 to 97.
      • Sky Cleanser acceleration reduced from 194 to 90 make it a bit less nimble.
      • Capacitor top speed increased slightly
      • Avenger acceleration increased from 100 to 250.
      • Mauler acceleration reduced from 200 to 77. However, it's max acceleration is increased from 98 to 120.
      • PHC T1 energy regen increased from 0.5 to 1 so to make leveled up T3s more powerful.
      • Medic heal range increased from 200 to 250 to make it more effective in battle.
      • Medic radioactive cost increased from 18 to 54.
      • Overmind (Brain Whale) HP reduced from 3000 to 2000. Shields increased from 7000 to 8000. Shield regen increased from 5 to 8 per second.
      • Substrate energy recharge rate increased from 0.5 to 1 to make Level abilities more potent.
      • Avenger HP decreased from 500 to 400
      • Avenger shields decreased from 400 to 200
      • Avenger shield recharge rate increased from 4 to 6 units per second (i.e. a single squad of brutes will never actually damage an Avenger)
      • Drone hive shields increased from 200 to 400
      • Mauler HP decreased from 200 to 50
      • Mauler shields decreased from 900 to 600
      • Mauler energy recharge rate increased from 0.5 to 1
      • Martyr HP decreased from 100 to 80
      • Martyr shields decreased from 50 to 25
      • Reaper HP reduced from 20 to 10
      • Reaper energy storage reduced from 75 to 10 (its weapon uses a lot less energy now)
      • Reaper energy recharge increased from 0.5 to 1
      • Reaper shields decreased from 180 to 100
      • Reaper cost/build time increased (its weapon got a major buff)
      • Capacitor radioactive cost reduced from 26 to 18
      • Capacitor build time reduced from 26 to 18
      • Brain Whale plasma bolt reload time reduced from 2 to 1.9s
      • Brain Whale plasma bolt no longer pierces armor
      • Brain Whale plasma bolt volley count reduced from 5 to 4
      • Brain Whale plasma bolt accuracy increased from 60% to 75%
      • Medic heal ray range increased from 250 to 300, tracking increased from 300 to 500
      • Medic heal rate reload time increased from .25s to 1.3s.
      • Martyr drone reload time reduced from 4 to 2.1
      • Martyr drone count decreased from 8 to 3
      • Martyr drone weapon range increased from 250 to 300
      • Martyr drone weapon accuracy increased from 70% to 90%
      • Martyr damage increased from 3 to 4
      • Archer rocket accuracy increased from 60% to 67%
      • Scout autocannon volley increased from 6 to 7 shots
      • Brute reload time decreased from 2.8 to 2.6 seconds
      • Brute volley increased from 3 to 5
      • Brute damage per shot reduced from 2 to 1
      • Reaper reload time reduced from 2.8s to 1.06s
      • Reaper weapon beam time increased from 1.9 to 2.4s
      • Reaper armor piercing increased from 2 to 4
      • Reaper damage reduced from 20 to 15
      • Reaper energy requirement reduced from 30 to 10
      • WMC (Savager main gun) reload time slightly increased
      • WMC No longer targets T1s
      • WMC damage increased from 40 to 50 per hit
      • Kill global ability damage reduced from 20000 to10000 (no longer enough to kill a T3 that has player upgrades)
      • Martyr Bolt weapon added (not used)
      • Reaper cannon renamed to Reaper Scythe
      • Buildings:
        • Quantum jammer HP reduced to be similar to the PHC Orbital Nullifier
      • Orbitals
        • "Kill" Orbital Ability from 200 to 300 quanta
        • EMP Pulse orbital ability now starts at 100 Quanta (changed from 50)
      • AI
        • Difficulty: Easy is easier
        • Difficulty: Normal and above AI react faster
        • minor tweak to substrate ai to get Kill online a little quicker
        • have some units rush buildings more often
        • drone hives and brainwhales hang back in fights more
        • have Martyr steering make better use of new found mobility
        • have archer leash loosened since it is no longer as mobile
      • Maps
        • Proving Grounds: Victory Point requirement increased

    Art & Graphics
    • Reduced Turinium specular
    • Scorpio lighting tweaked
    • Martyr drone bomb made brighter

    • Allow building rally points to be set in passible, but black-fogged areas
    • Don’t deselect a building for construction when player attempts to click in invalid location
    • Adjusted colors in the Game Summary screens
    • Updated to new icon
    • For-real level up indicator in empire tree for tiny pip icons
    • Changed the MP Icons to match the faction symbols used in the rest of the game
    • Benchmark BG changed to a planet screen
    • Reorganizing end game screens, and adding score to one of the new summary tabs
    • Adding limit to camera pitch so you can’t peek under Fog of War (potential stability improvements here too)

    Stability Fixes
    • Fix for hang where a client crashes well the server is waiting for them to catch up
    • reinforcement requests sent to a factory that is set to infinite repeat will no longer send an infinite number of reinforcements to the army
    • Game Hangs Moving Destination to Edge of Map
    • fix crash related to reforming armies and asking for reinforcements
    • Catch catastrophic Audio error, panic
    • Handle case where Map fails on ReadBackResource DX11.

    Bug fixes
    • Multiplayer
      • Construction effects now appear on clients
      • fix for client not getting message that removes dead Orbital Jammer/Nullifiers
      • have Scan use air visiblity so it doesn’t get blocked by terrain elevation
      • have host register for KillBuilding messages in mp
      • Fixing star change deduction code to get rid of accidental +3 and -2 star messages, after clarifying behavior with Tachyon
    • Gameplay
      • Disable reinforcement buttons with a note in the tooltip if the metaunit is too full to fit the reinforcement
      • fix for units that won't move after an attack move order
      • Tutorial polish & fixes
      • Map bounds for camera anchor
      • Amplify tooltip text clarification
      • Fixed bug with control groups being lost when Army is disbanded
      • Canceling some units in a queue will no longer possibly reset current unit’s progress
      • fix for AI sometimes ignoring orbital jammer
      • fix for AI sometimes starting missions before map is ready
      • fix for AI economically stalling out in some cases
    • Graphics
      • Addressed graphics artifacts in some VFX
      • Fixed bad looping on Reaper laser
      • Fixed Credit button appears to be cut off
      • Removing old "AO Blob" from Hercules
      • Fixed ground decal showing up during destruction sequence on Substrate Seed
      • Fixes flickering when under construction building is killed
      • Fixing sizing of small empire tree pips
      • Fixed Amplifier UI portrait not showing up
    • Misc
      • Initial spelling/grammar update
      • Updated credits
      • Fixing cursor and edit box bg not showing up on certain UI scales
      • Fixed first saved settings not saving device and vendor ID, causing settings to be ignored on next load
      • improved terrain hugging behavior for camera
      • Stupid hoops to prevent dx11 from attempting to process alt-enter
      • More testing for valid building in Construct and Repair order updates
      • Clean up main menu tutorial popup
      • Created a martyr bolt weapon sound group


    Ashes of the Singularity v0.94a Changelog
    The v0.94a update for Ashes of the Singularity is now available. Check out the latest updates:
    • Achievements
    • Additional Balance
    • Stability & Bug fixes

    • Achievements enabled
    • Ranges rings for building previews
    • Balance Changes
      • PHC Engineer HP increased from 80 to 90
      • PHC Engineer build time increased from 20 to 24 seconds
      • Substrate Constructor HP reduced from 90 to 50
      • Substrate Constructor Shields decreased from 100 to 50
      • Substrate Constructor build time increased from 20 to 24
      • Capture time increased from 15 to 25
      • unit formation change to better handle units with differing speeds
      • shrink orbital jammer range

    Art & Graphics
    • update hyperion heal fx to be similar to area heal orbital

    Stability Fixes
    • Some 3rd party streaming-related apps are now blocked by default.  They can be re-enabled in the graphics options, but they impact stability
    • Warn users with integrated GPUs
    • fix for bad handle in certain modules
    • Check instance src buffer before submitting for exceptional cases of null
    • audio crash catch
    • Move some larger GPU allocations to a more fixed location
    • Move grouped static assets to startup/shutdown for stategameview
    • Compressing more UI textures
    • Adding release for RenderTargets created in ImageControls and unloading 'unload' textures when updated
    • Move Color system to same location as others for initial static creation
    • error handling on preview
    • Crash for building being destroyed that a group of engineers was working on
    • DumpMomentumOfSelectedMetaUnits crash
    • reworking UI shutdown procedure to stop leaks w/ RenderTarget images
    • fix for invalid handle in EnergyRestoreSteeringModuleUpdate and a few related places
    • Make sure exits from GameView follow proper form
    • crash fix with EnergyRestoreSteeringModuleUpdate
    • Lots of other rare late-game crash fixes

    Bug fixes
    • Multiplayer
      • Nexus is destroyed in case of player disconnect to avoid ‘zombie’ players in MP matches
      • Fixes for host migration
    • Gameplay
      • fix another AI econ stall
      • fix for various orbital button cooldowns
      • tutorial fixes
        • deal with early objective purchase
        • fix button highlights
      • fix for case where AI was spending quanta on orbitals but not casting them
      • Improved logic for Engineer assisting metaunit
    • Graphics
      • New maps for Smarties (to correct compression issues with the base) Made new Curvature and AO as well as a new Normal map
    • Misc
      • Updated Game Intro to proper VO
      • Fixing double resolution mode entries in options wnd after game in game
      • Fixed bind cursor/windowed mode activate
      • Remove Bad choice of "Exit to Windows" option from skirmish exit panel
  • As a development community, we're a close nit group. If I get stuck or have a question I can ping the Uber guys and the designer of Grey Goo is only 30 feet from where I'm sitting. Soren Johnson (Civilization IV) sits even closer to me and Jon Shafer (Civ V) is in the next room and Chris Taylor (Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander) is always willing to talk shop. We (you guys and us) are part of one of the best technology communities there is.

    What happens after release?

    As some of you know, Stardock is the oldest independent game studio in the industry (20+ years and counting). This fact means that this game wasn't funded by a publisher or by a Kickstarter campaign. 

    Thus, for us, 1.0 is simply the beginning of Ashes of the Singularity. We already have post-release features and content that we'll be working on after the game goes 1.0. Most of these things we will be releasing for free.

    A few things at the top of our list of free features includes:

    * Customization of single-player scenarios
    * Multiplayer-scenarios
    * Modding (make your own AI personalities)
    * Replays
    * Observer mode
    * Scenario creation (make your own scenarios) - we're working on a tutorial

    On the near-term DLC front we'll also be looking at things like:

    * Player requested units
    * New map environments and features
    * Scenario Packs 
    * New construction projects

    And on the longer-term road-map we have:

    * The third race
    * Naval combat
    * Environments that require other classes of units (crawling, treads, bipedal)

    Why the long-term roadmap?

    I suspect I'm not the only one who has fallen in love with an RTS only to see it orphaned for whatever reason.

    I think it's important for us to be transparent with you guys in knowing that this will not be happening to Ashes of the Singularity. For example, Stardock recently updated Galactic Civilizations II (which came out in 2006). We still do updates for Sins of a Solar Empire on occasion.

    That's the Spirit!

  • Der hat die beiden Civ-Jungs so nah bei sich sitzen weil die ebenfalls für Stardock an Offworld Trading Company sitzen. :)

    Anlässlich des Jubiläums "25 Jahre Civilization" in diesem Jahr sind beide zu Gast im Three Moves Ahead-Podcast.
  • Ashes of the Singularity v0.94b Changelog
    The v0.94b update for Ashes of the Singularity is now available. Check out the latest updates:

    • Balance Changes
    • Stability & Bug fixes

    • Balance Changes
      • Capture time reduced from 25 to 20 seconds
      • Engineers and Constructors build times increased to 30 seconds
      • Medics can no longer heal Medics
      • Medic self-heal rate reduced from 5 to 4
      • Increase drone swarm drone armor so that they won't die quite as quickly to Apollo
      • Orbital fabricator cost reduced from 600 metal to 400 metal
      • Orbital fabricator now requires an Orbital Relay.
      • Hyperion auto cannons accuracy increased.
      • Hyperion main guns now penetrate light armor.
      • Hyperion auto cannons cooldown reduced from 2.5 to 2.2 shots per volley increased from 4 to 6
      • Hyperon pulse cannon cool down increased slight and damage increased from 40 to 60.
      • Mauler HP increased from 50 to 100
      • Mauler Shields increased from 600 to 900
      • Mauler Shield regen rate reduced from 3 to 1
      • Reaper build time reduced from 31 to 29
      • fix for beginner ai not being able to conquer creeps

    Art & Graphics
    • Update Ashes Icon
    • Changed Destroy button into Skull, matched UI color

    Stability Fixes
    • Fix for crash when hammering escape during skirmish load in
    • fix for DumpMomentumOfSelectedMetaUnits crash
    • Fix for Benchmark not properly shutting down stategameview
    • Adding protections to starting point assignment to keep accidental bad starting points from crashing the game or making it unplayable
    • Fail Audio Init if failed to create mastering voice, even if the return code was S_OK

    • Fix for infinite recursion crash QA got in Stress Test
    • More checking on OrderPreviewManager AllFactories
    • additional handle validation at proven crash site
    • Validate that Audio LogicalID as well as File Handle during playback of audio
    • Remove unused parameter from Unload in UI Library
    • Fix for 'self-destruct' crash when hammering skull
    • Fix for engineer-parent assist overwriting the parent id and assist flag
    • Improved safety on AshesUnitPanel::CountQueuedUnits()
    • Fix for Derek's crash - treating a Weapon module like a Construct module
    • Don't use TempHeap allocator for long lived map data. Don't stall on read of independent files.
    • fix for various physics related crashes (clamps desired velocity)
    • invalid handle related crash fixes

    • Adding benchmark leaderboards for various 900p and 5k settings
    • Improved cheat protections
    • explicitly bump the save game version

    Bug fixes
    • Gameplay
      • Fixing unresponsive air units
      • Pans now fly closer to where they are ordered
      • Fixed can't order reinforcements from factory if you've recently canceled an order from it
    • Graphics
      • Removing some watermarks
      • Fixing radar flickering at map edge
    • Misc
      • Stiffen up camera limiter
      • Set player names every time we enter a game in single player.
      • Don't unpause when the user confirms surrender.
      • tutorial - description update
      • Don't autosave if the game has been won/lost. Should prevent autosaves while in the game summary screens

  • == Part 5 Post-Release Phase ==

    Version 1.0: March 31, 2016
    Ascendancy Wars made public
    Scenarios released
    Season 1 BEGINS

    Version 1.1: April
    Improved Modding Support (free)
    Player requested features. (free)
    Hall of Fames (free)
    UI improvements (free)
    AI personalities (free)
    Scavenger Hunt scenario (free for early adopters)
    New chat options (free)
    Fancier tooltips (free)
    Choose AI personality in scenarios (free)

    Version 1.2: May
    Game Launcher with MP info (so you can monitor activity from the launcher)
    Global Chat
    Turtle Lord scenario (free)
    Observer Mode (N observers where N = 7 - participants)

    Version 1.22: July
    Season 2 begins with Season 2 maps (free)
    AI personality chooser in skirmish (free)

    Version 1.3: 3Q2016
    Multi-tier terrain (free)
    Ascendancy Wars Online added. (free)
    Wrecks (free)
    Harvesting (free)
    Multiplayer scenario support (free)
    Steam Workshop support for Mods fully integrated (free)
    Huge Map size with 12 player support

    Version 1.4: 4Q2016
    Player requested features. (free)
  • bearbeitet März 2016
    Wenn man die Changelogs nicht immer komplett liest weil man noch anderes Hobbies hat

    Map editor is in now I believe. I think you have to run the game with -modding to turn it on.

  • Ashes of the Singularity v0.94c Changelog
    The v0.94c update for Ashes of the Singularity is now available. Check out the latest updates:
    • Balance Changes
    • Stability & Bug fixes

    • Balance Changes
      • Artemis HP reduced from 800 to 500
      • Sky Cleaner shields increased from 200 to 300
      • Sky Cleanser weapon has area of effect to be more effective against drones
      • Drone Swarm balanced
        • lasts less time
        • does a bit less damage
      • Blossom Launcher can target drones

    Stability Fixes
    • break infinite recursion in CountBuffs (crash bug)
    • Crash in ArriveGoal
    • Increase Asset Finder max entries
    • some more handle vailidation
    • better error validation
    • Additional catch for circular MetaUnit attachment
    • clear out formations on shutdowngame
    • fix for circular dependency check
    • break infinite recursion Clear/SetSubUnitMVC
    • validate looseMU hookup
    • Validate attach target
    • Force removal of invalid selected items. Rare catch.
    • the module reference passed in the routine may become invalid during the running of this routine

    Bug fixes
    • Gameplay
      • Catch for DialogSequencer getting stuck with letterbox left on
    • Multiplayer
      • Fixing mp matches not being filtered by version number after first refresh
    • Misc
      • Better graphics presets for mid and low end cards
      • Spelling / Grammar fixes

    Metaverse updates
    • Add "X" to current selected filter instead of dropdown.
      • Do NOT reset filters when switching between leaderboards.
    • Clear filters when "Hide Filters" is clicked.
    • Additional card art added.
    • Updated filtering choices for Match History
  • Quick update:
    So 1.0 has English and German in it (including audio).
    We will be making the files available to modders for those who want to put it into other languages and evaluate more support for other languages post release.

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